Custom Personal Protection Dog Training Plans

Are you in need of professional assistance to train your dogs? Then you have come to the right place. At KHK9, our team is not just composed of standard pet trainers, but we have certified trainers that can train your dog to send warning signals to intruders and defend your family during emergencies. We are certified trainers that specialize in personal protection, sport and obedience training. 


Initial Evaluation

  • Before starting the training process, we do an initial evaluation at the cost of $20.
  • We schedule a date and time to interact with you and your canine to go over the type of training you are looking for, like sport dog training, personal protection training, and more.
  • Through this evaluation, we ensure to address all your queries and provide the personalized training services as per your needs.

Board & Train

  • This is a custom service that allows us to take care of your canine on our premises and carry out the training.
  • This training will depend on your canine’s progress with respect to the previous training and your present requirements.
  • We will work with your canine to ensure that they are thoroughly trained as per your dictates.

Private Lessons & Individual Training Plans

  • While working with you and your canine, we set up a routine at your convenience.
  • We can set up a routine schedule for you and your canine so that you can take full advantage of our training services, and see to it that your canine is trained to meet your needs in the most efficient time frame.
  • Our training varies depending on the skills and levels of progress of your canine.
  • Training is done consistently until your goal is achieved.

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